How to Perform Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spells to Heal Your Relationship

What are voodoo spells? Voodoo love spells are the ones cast to get back together with an ex-lover, to get back the one you truly love and desire, or even to make someone fall in love with you from the very first time they lay their eyes on you. Voodoo has existed since ancient times, and it has been called different names like voodun in West Africa, vudu in Haiti, or voodoo in North America.

3 easy steps to perform a Voodoo Love Spell

1. Get your hands on some hair from your loved one’s head, underarm or pubic region. 2. Then you need some earth or soil that has been handled by both of you (or a piece of clothing or anything else that can be linked back to both of you) 3. Put these two ingredients in a small jar and put a lid on it and keep it somewhere safe, while saying your Voodoo love spell.

You should also have something personal belonging to your lover like their photograph or something they have touched recently. That will help with concentration when you are doing your Voodoo love spells. The most important thing is to make sure that you do not forget about your voodoo spells as they are very powerful and if not performed properly they could backfire on you!

There is no guarantee that all voodoo love spells will work for everyone but if performed correctly then there is no doubt that they will work for anyone! So if you want to perform a voodoo love spell then contact me here at Mama Sadam’s website today! I am ready to help anyone who needs my help performing their very own voodoo love spells!

Things you’ll need to cast voodoo love spells

A doll and an orange candle. The color orange is associated with passion and sexual attraction, while voodoo love spells are known for bringing back a lost lover or healing damaged relationships. You’ll want to focus on your specific needs and write them down before you begin your spell casting (See also: How to Cast a Spell). Select a small doll that represents your significant other if you’re working on repairing a relationship; if you’re performing voodoo love spells for yourself, select any small figure that means something special to you.

Steps on how to perform a Voodoo Love Spell

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